I create from a natural and trained automatic response to my emotions and anointed imagination. I experiment with and push materials/my body to the limit in order to discover a visual recipe that accurately alludes to my experiences and my spirit, ultimately serving humanity and bringing glory to God.


I was born and raised in The Bronx. I live in East Harlem and work out of my apartment and a metal shop in East Williamsburg.
Theater, dramatic writing and art history are my background.
I mainly create in the media of metal and paper, mixing words and performing, drawing with oil sticks, paint markers, ink, pencils and burnt wood, taking and manipulating photos and collaging.
I’ve been performing in live art/theater/film since 1999.
I’ve curated and had my visual artwork featured in numerous exhibits since 2009.
My installation ‘The Broken Have Been Chosen’ included in the “Motown to Def Jam” exhibit in the summer of 2013 was featured in the Amsterdam News.
“To Temper” my first solo exhibit premiered at Heath Gallery, Harlem USA, in 2014.
I’m old school Hip-Hop and blue collar. I love Jesus and I love people. I feed off New York City.


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